Terms of service

Scandistock.se is run by Scandistock Bildbyrå AB. Pictures from scandistock.se may only be used after acquisition or permission from Scandistock Bildbyrå AB. With few exceptions, the pictures may be used thereafter in all forms and contexts, and during an indefinite period of time, irrespective of area of use. When the user of the picture approves the terms and conditions given here, and downloads the picture, an agreement is entered between the user of the picture and Scandistock Bildbyrå AB.

Use of pictures
After the user of the picture has approved these terms and conditions on scandistock.se, and has received the picture, the user of the picture may use the picture, with the exceptions that follow hereafter, in all forms and contexts, and during an indefinite period of time, irrespective of area of use. The user of the picture may additionally change a picture’s content or form, with the exceptions that follow hereinafter.

The exceptions in which pictures from scandistock.se may not be used by the user of the picture apply to such circumstances as are illegal, pornographic, misleading or obscene.
The user of the pictures may also not use the pictures in such a way as can cause offence or be offensive for those persons who take part in or feature in the pictures.

Pictures from scandistock.se may be used and be accessible for up to 10 persons in the organisation (or equivalent) that has acquired the picture.

Images featuring Models
If the image contains a model, then it is the responsibility of the user to find out whether the model has given permission to use the image in a commercial context. If it says “Model release: Yes” next to the images, then permission has already been obtained by the photographer. No disclaimer is required content that is used in an editorial manner only. Please use the contact form if you have any queries about licensing.

Rights of ownership and copyright
Rights of ownership and copyright of remain the property of the photographer. The photographer’s and scandistock.se should be mentioned in the byline of the image.

The prices for pictures from scandistock.se are the prices stated on the site at the time of purchase, unless another price has been agreed otherwise.

Delivery of picture
It is the responsibility user of the picture to make such repositioning, reproduction or corrections required for a good printing result, as necessary, in pictures delivered from scandistock.se.

Damaged, lost or missing pictures
The user of the picture has the right to download a purchased picture from scandistock.se an unlimited number of times, provided that the user of the picture logs in to scandistock.se. If a picture is damaged, lost or missing, the user of the picture can log in on scandistock.se to download the picture again.

Onward sale and transfer
Pictures may not be sold onwards or transferred to another.


Scandistock Bildbyrå AB is not responsible for any potential financial claims relating to the rights and restrictions attached to persons, property or trademarks. Rights for all Scandistock Bildbyrå AB’s images are non-exclusive and claims in connection with possible damages to the image user arisen due to this thus will not be replaced by Scandistock Bildbyrå AB.

Contractual penalty
If the user of the picture uses an acquired picture or uses it in some other way contrary to the stipulations of this agreement, and after scandistock.se has objected to this procedure, yet does not rectify the matter, a contractual penalty is owed to Scandistock Bildbyrå AB of a sum which shall amount to 2 basic price amounts according to the National Insurance Act (1962:381) from 1970, for each occasion.

If the user of the picture should cause Scandistock Bildbyrå AB loss or damage of any kind whatever, through their use of the acquired picture, Scandistock Bildbyrå AB shall have the right to demand damages from the user of the picture, which shall be determined to a sum equivalent to both material and immaterial loss or damage which arises for Scandistock Bildbyrå AB.

Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of this agreement shall be determined by the Lund District Court as first and only instance, and with application of Swedish law, unless Scandistock Bildbyrå AB and the user of the picture are in agreement on another forum.